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Day 8 ~ Path to the Marsh

Day 8 Path to the Marsh oil 6×8. Available.

It was sunny and warm today. It was 38 degrees and felt comfortable in the shade. I went to the marsh at 3 PM. It was an early start for me. It was quiet, there was no wind. I looked through the trees to the marsh. The sunlight streamed across the landscape, but it was short lived. By the time I set up there were only bits of sunlight here and there. The days are getting longer but the sun is still low in the sky. I’m getting a groove now with the daily paintings. If I have enough time to get out there to paint I can usually see something that will work. And yes I was packing up my gear again as it got dark . A flock of geese went over head honking and calling out to each other as they headed south.

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