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Day 9 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

January 9, 2020 Blue Moon, oil, 5×5, $175 .Special January price. Available.

It was a chilly night. It was 16 and my paint was very stiff. It seemed to be rebelling. The moon rose in a clear blue sky. There was just a slight breeze that stopped completely after dark. It was another gorgeous evening with the calm, peace and the quiet of winter. l went out in my side yard next to my studio and set up my easel. looked around for the lights. I was so early no one was home yet ! Then it started to get darker, cars pulled into houses and lights were turned on. It started to feel cold. I was wearing lots of layers and my hot tea was brewing in the house so I didn’t mind too much. A back yard light went on a street over. Outdoor lights came on at the storage place the next block over. I could see bits and pieces of them through the trees. Another night of painting the almost full moon. We will see what tomorrow brings! See you then.

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  1. oh wow!! I was out and about tonight and watched with utter amazement and thanked god that i still am so stupefied amd enamored lone my. Abita were by the site of the moon at all stages but tonight .. yet more magic and you captured it so brilliant and real .this might be my favorite so far .. but very hard to choose ❤️

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