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New Fall Painting Classes

Evening on the Lake – Painted on a late summer night as it was getting dark enough to have trouble seeing exactly what the colors were on my palette. That’s when its handy to always have them in the same place so you can “paint in the dark” no problem.

Yes, its still summer. But, I did get a phone call the other day from a student who was curious about when my fall painting classes were starting. My evening studio classes are starting September 18th. The studio classes are good for the nuts and bolts of painting. Its in the studio that you get to experiment and try out new things. This is the place where you can paint notans, try new color triads, check out new brushes, new pigments, the works. The studio is where I do my memory work. I design from my sketches and paint from my field studies. Its a time of exploration and experimentation. Like the time I decided I wanted to use cold wax. But it was in the middle of winter and no one told me that it stinks! I’d be better off using it out side where I can’t smell it !

My studio classes are very different from my plein air classes. We have watercolor, gouache, acrylic and oil painters in the mix. I teach the fundamentals like drawing, design and color. This is the real deal that enables students to solidly improve their skills and grow as painters. This is not a paint and sip class!

This year the studio classes are focused on painting stronger landscapes. We will be hitting the basics and moving into the advanced stuff. It is a lot of fun and so great to see these students understand the lessons and improve as painters. I’m watching the growth of some knockout painters.



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