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Good News! True Confession!

Good News!  True Confessions!

The September issue of Plein Air Magazine will be in the bookstores soon. I just received my issue from the mailman and its looking like a juicy issue. The feature article about me and my work is lovely and it’s nice to be recognized on a national level.
True confession – I work really hard, dive deep into my painting and keep a low profile when it comes to getting out and about in the 3D art world. I’m not an introvert, I’m way too curious to be thinking about myself or be timid.  I forget about myself.  I’m just involved in this conversation/experience I’m having with the world around me.
Here’s where it started. I remember as a child every single morning I would wake up and my first thought would be “What am I going to discover today?” Every day held potential excitement and mystery for me. I was always curious and always asked questions. I was encouraged to ask questions and explore. When I reached my teens this was not generally encouraged by my public school education. I had individual teachers who encouraged it but instead the general pressure was answer questions with the correct answers, to excel and get into a good college. Storing a lot of stuff and things in your brain replaced learning as a priority. It was dry and dull.
Then several years years ago I found my way back to the life of excitement and mystery of my childhood!  It all started when I went outside to paint suggested by my good friend Sue Stranc.  She is a print maker and I think she was looking for a quicker immediate way to make images. She saw a book of watercolors painted on location and thought it might be am easy thing for us to do. It was November. We started out on our big adventure and entered the landscape. Little did I know what this would do to me. It literally changed my life.

It was hysterically funny. We would go out to these really wild, gorgeous places and try to paint. Yikes! It was nuts! The good news is we didn’t know that it was difficult to paint outdoors in winter(or that it might be difficult in any season) we just thought that we were a bunch of comedian neophytes and we just didn’t know the best way to do things. How about the time we hiked in knee deep snow for about a mile with all our painting gear on a toboggan? And Sue would not let me walk in the cross country ski trails ! A coyote went trotting by while we were painting, having a much easier time of it than the two of us without a sled dog for our gear!

The good news is this outdoor experience returned me to my original childhood mindset of excitement and mystery.  Every time we went out we never knew what we would see or what would happen. It was great!!!!
Now you see why I love going out to paint the landscape. It restored me to my original, fresh, curious perspective of the world and it erased all that silly stuff that tried to push it away.
So if you are thinking about going out to paint, do it for the sheer joy of being out in an awesome place and experiencing the beauty of nature! Who cares what the painting looks like if you are having a great time! The process will get you there. And one day you will have a great time and a great painting!

I’ll be painting at the Hartwell House twice in August and in Wolfeboro, NH a favorite NH lake region painting location. And if you are walking along the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine some sunny afternoon keep a look out, you might find me painting on the rocks or down on Little Beach at low tide.  Hope to see you soon!


DEMO SATURDAY ~ AUGUST 12th 3pm – 6pm
Tea in the Garden ~ Mary Byrom Demo
Hosted by the Hartwell House Inn
312 Shore Road
Ogunquit, Maine 03907

PAINT WOLFEBORO ~ AUGUST 16th 9am – 4:30pm
Hosted by the Governor Wentworth Arts Council
Wet Paint Sale in Cate Park
Wolfeboro, NH
Governor Wentworth Arts Council

DEMO SATURDAY ~ AUGUST 19th 3pm – 6pm
Tea in the Garden ~ Mary Byrom Demo
Hosted by the Hartwell House Inn
312 Shore Road
Ogunquit, Maine 03907

Everyone is welcome!  Bring your friends!

PLEIN AIR CLASS ~  Meets Tuesdays 2-5pm
Let me know if you’d like to join us !

IN THE NEWS : PLEIN AIR MAGAZINE September 2017 with Mary Byrom Artist Profile article will arrive in Barnes & Noble within the next 2 weeks.
The Artist Profile article will be available on line in September.

Yes, we are organizing for the pre-launch!

I am launching a new online landscape & plein air painting course.

Preview videos will be posted on Facebook & Instagram & Youtube pages.

* Video: How you start a painting determines your success
* Video: How to make solid design decisions

PHOTO Credits:
“Clouds Over the Inlet” 3×8″ oil.
Plein Air Magazine September 2017 Artist Profile ~ Mary Byrom


MY NEW PAINTINGS are on display at:
A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words, Exeter, NH
Shore Road Gallery / Beth Ellis Cove Gallery, Ogunquit, Maine
Kennedy Gallery, Portsmouth, NH
Mast Cove Galleries. Kennebunkport, Maine
Beachmere Inn on the Marginal Way! You are welcome to visit and see them in the bistro. Available for purchase at the Inn.






2 thoughts on “Good News! True Confession!

  1. Congratulations Mary! What an amazing…awesome…wonderful thing to have happen to you…being featured in a major art mag is the top honor! I will be sure to get a copy of it and relish it! Plein Air magazine at that! Dreams do come true…but a lot of hard work makes them happen! You did it girl!!! ♡♡♡

    1. Thank you so much Corinnne! There’s something to be said for sticking to it!

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