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Harpswell Boatyard

Harpswell, Maine is down east of Brunswick on the end of one of the southern most long fingers of land that compose midcoast Maine. Its gorgeous and I always feel like I am coming home.  I traveled to South Harpswell as a child for our summer vacation. 

The boat yard is full of big guys being fixed or waiting for attention before the summer season. I love how big and tough they are when you are up close and personal.  No romantic little specks bobbing in a blue summer harbor. 

This is the view looking east at South Harpswell.

I was parked in between the water’s edge and some big boats. I sketched the white boat as it moved around the harbor. They always move, pick a spot and put them in it I always say…
Here’s the start of the sketch. If I like it tomorrow I’ll work on it more in the studio.  8×10 Oil on panel.   
Behind me was the Henry A., a boat I have fallen in love with.  Its so big and sturdy.  I think about this boat being the only thing between me and the sea when out fishing in rough weather.  

Here’s an earlier portrait I started of Henry A. when I first saw him in February. The snow was all melting around him as the pavement was warming up in the  sun.  I shortened him to fit him on the panel – think I’ll get a wider panel and paint him as big as he really is.   Its 24×36, oil on panel.

3 thoughts on “Harpswell Boatyard

  1. Is is still cold up there in Harpswell?

  2. It has been – if the wind is off the water its been really cold especially in late afternoon.

  3. One of my favorite lobster boats ever!! I always look for the Henry A. when in Harpswell.

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