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Kennebunkport, Artists & Wet Paint

A whole bunch of artists arrived this past week to paint in Kennebunkport, ME and a few of its the neighboring communities.  Turbot’s Creek was a favorite spot.

I painted out there with John Caggiano  and Lucia deLeiris. 
This is looking east out toward Vaughn’s Island, which you can walk to at low tide.  

On another much foggier day I painted along Shore Road in Kennebunkport . Here is the beginning of a painting overlooking the coast. 

Below me set up in nice spots among the rocks painting rocks and surf was Phillip Frey, Stefan Pastuhov and…

of course Stapleton Kearns doing a favorite surf and turf scene.  These guys are the greatest to paint with!  

After three days of painting, the opening on Saturday evening at The Gallery on Chase Hill was a big event. Here is the crew from Heartwood College of Art one of the sponsors of the event.  

Amy Bouchard the gallery manager doing some last minute things like making sure I had my name tag! 

It was a mob scene.  At times you couldn’t even move into the next room , it was wall to wall people.
Phillip Frey, me and Leonard Mizerek.

I went out to the porch with Nancy Davidson a friend of my husband’s for 22 years!   

The crowd inside was so dense that the party had expanded to the porch where I joined Stapleton who was sitting on the steps.

Lucia, Stefan, Stapleton and I relaxing on the front porch next to the sculpture garden.   
Here’s one of the paintings I did during the week.  Its the building on the Kennebunkport town dock that is going to be torn down and replaced this coming winter.  All these fishermen stopped by to talk to me while I was painting it.  It was a great week of painting!  

4 thoughts on “Kennebunkport, Artists & Wet Paint

  1. Sounds like loads of fun! I am so jealous!

  2. Nice photos. It looks like loads of fun. You even captured a rare photo of Stapleton next to a can of cola that is not Moxie.

  3. Mary, it was great fun!

  4. Richard, The Coke was very funny, I noticed it parked next to Stape and realized he must have drunk it because he ran out of Moxie. We know the fuel he operates on!

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