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Like Summer

Today was like summer. We are having days with 80 degree temps inland and its 50 on the coast.  I needed to wear my gloves and winter hat when I was out painting the surf. The waves this week were spectacular. Under sunny skies with puffy white clouds we had surf that looked like a nor’easter was hitting the coast. We painters lucked out. I live about 8 miles inland from the ocean.  I can often judge what is going on over on the rocks.  A morning that started off quiet and warm turned windy and very chilly by 10 am. The wind was hitting hard, driving off the ocean from the east. Backwards! Our weather usually moves from west to east. I packed up and headed over to paint. Wow, what a great decision !

Wearing all the warm clothes I had!
Wearing all the warm clothes I could find in my car!

I’m just beginning to return to my regular work/painting schedule. Marcus is improving!  His recovery is a steady process that needs time for the healing.   I’ve never been around anyone who had a heart attack and  open heart surgery so this is all new territory for me. I’m doing my best to keep him cheerful and and fixing healthy, tasty food so I can to keep him interested in eating.  He’s not the usual heart attack type , as he’s pretty fit and not over weight, with low blood pressure and a good diet.  They don’t often give people like him a by pass.

My surf painting, 9x12 oil on panel.
My surf painting almost finished, 9×12 oil on panel.

Lessons learned in these past few weeks : Things change; you can always trust that things will not be the same. What we actually know is far less than what we don’t know. Don’t make assumptions, jump to any conclusions or end results. Persevere; if you can out last everyone else and you are the last one standing in the room, you win.  And… its not over till the fiddler stops playing.


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