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Lions and Lambs

Spring is here. Its snowing every other day…March came in like a lamb and is leaving like a lion. Its now that in-between season. Every other day snow and ice change to water and mud.  Rubber boots are good footwear for this time of year! 
In South Berwick, Maine the snow disappeared from the open fields this week and the farmers were out and about on their tractors. Subtle hints of green were showing in the golden grasses.

 It was a typical New England spring day. In minutes it went from warm and sunny to chilly and cloudy.

We headed out to paint a nearby farm as we knew we only had a couple of hours before the next snow storm moved in.  Marcus drove to the golf course parking lot where we set up in an open sunny spot next to the car. 
As I was opening my easel a big ominous cloud bank started to move in on the western horizon. Marcus quickly got down to business sketching. He kept his back to the wind, the sun kept him warm.

I sketched the scene in charcoal.

I made notations with watercolors. 6×8 on 98 lb. mix media paper.

 I needed to face the sun to keep the glare off my panel and palette.

I made two more charcoal sketches.
I didn’t have a canvas to paint a panorama, but that’s not a problem with a sketch book. I just draw the size and shape I want my picture to be. That’s why I love them, they are so versatile.   
3×7 watercolor on 98 lb. mix media paper 
Today I planned to paint my oil sketch in sensitive grays. 
I usually have an objective when I go out to paint.  I’m currently teaching a class on color so I wanted to use colors and relationships we are studying.

The wind was blowing steadily now, bringing that weather change in from the west…

The light kept getting paler and cooler.

I placed the color notes quickly and kept moving. 

Soon a thin sheet of clouds covered the sky with just small bits of blue peeking through.  

With the sun gone the temperature quickly dropped. This year it feels like a real old fashioned spring with chilly nights and warmer days.  The sun is bringing out the red buds on the tree branches and mud season is truly here. Crocuses are in bloom in on the south side of my house. It may not feel like it now but before we know it everything will soon be green! 
       6×8 Charcoal & watercolor on 98 lb. mix media paper. 


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