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For five years I painted outdoors. I didn’t like painting in a studio.  
 I was so happy to be able to walk and hike and be out and about in natural places. I appreciated every minute of being in a wild place no matter how cold or warm it was.
Evening Lights Study, 8×16 oil

 In 1988 I was injured after being hit by a car while standing in a cross walk. For 10 years I was unable to walk for any length of time. A surgeon repaired my broken bones but the damage I sustained was extensive.   
Maine Field & Pine, 4×8 oil
I spent eight hours a day in physical therapy. I swam three miles a day to build up my endurance.  In 1998 I started practicing a spiritual cultivation practice called Falun Dafa. After practicing every morning for a couple of months all my injuries healed and I could run, jump and hike again! I had my health and life back!  It was great! 
Island Study, 6×12 oil

When I was in physical therapy all those years  I’d have visions of landscapes. When I started to paint again the first thing I painted were landscapes. 
Lake Night Study, 8×10 oil

 The first year that I painted outdoors I went once a week with a good friend.
Autumn Marsh Study, 8×10 oil 

Later that summer I traveled with my husband Marcus on his concert tours and brought my paints with me. I discovered that I really liked painting alone.
Three Bridges Study, 6×12 oil

 I soon went out to paint everyday. I loved to go on “painting wanders”. I’d hop in the car and drive any where I felt like going.  
Red Sky Marsh Study, 8×16 oil

I’d see a spot, stop, park the car and paint. It was like being in heaven…healthy and free at last.  
Rockland LIghts Study, 8×16 oil

I know how lucky I am. 
Salt Bay Farm Study, 8×16 oil

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