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Painting #2 ~ White Pines in Winter

2.4.21 ~ White Pines in Winter 5×7 oil. Available.

This is the second painting I did. I turned and looked to the south at the edge of the marsh. There was plenty of snow on the ground above the flood tide level. My eye was caught by the stand of white pines and thick underbrush of a piece of land jutting out into the marsh. I quickly sketched the shape in. The light changes so fast out here. By the time I finished painting the white pines the sky had cleared and the sun was going down. Every where I looked there was something to paint! It was nuts. I forgot how much variety you can see from Harris Island. After painting in the Wells marsh last month this was a noticeably different landscape. I finished this painting just as a spectacular sunset was beginning. That sunset sky is what became painting #3.

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