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Painting in Deep Cold

Rocks & Snow, Plein air study ,8x10  oil
Rocks & Snow, Plein air study ,8×10 oil

I’ve been out painting in deep cold this week as another arctic front is chilling Maine. Yesterday the temperature was 14 with a steady wind out of the west. Who knows what the wind chill was?  If you aren’t wearing the right gear you can feel this kind of cold deep in your bones.

The weather was clear with startling, gorgeous colors everywhere. On the Nubble in Cape Neddick the strong wind made it tough to paint any where but behind the hatch back of my car. So I used the car as a wind block and it worked fine as long as I worked fast.  I’ve had my fill of too many back to back snow storms so now when any clear day shows up now I’m heading out. Who cares what the temperature is? Its almost spring and the sun is toasty warm!

nubble 3It is so beautiful to see everything covered with snow  right up to the high tide mark. So often the salt air melts the snow right along the coast so its brown and drab when just a mile inland everything is sparkling white.

Not this year! We’ve had so many coastal storms that the snow is actually deeper as you get closer to the coast. So before it all melts in a few weeks I’m getting out  there to paint it!

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2 thoughts on “Painting in Deep Cold

  1. Simply gorgeous photograph of the house on the cliff, overlooking the beach…with those bright blue skies and crisp white houses with a tiny red fore-building…just a perfect winters day scene! I look forward to seeing your finished work! I give kudos to you for trying to paint in this deep freeze….I gave up plein air paonting when January hit! 🙁 We’ve had the coldest Feb on record here in Rochester, NY keep up the great work!

    1. Corinne,
      Thank you! It was cold shock to get out there but we shed our cabin fever instantly!

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