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Painting in Ocean Park, Maine

A beautiful summer day on the marsh.

Ocean Park is a nice seaside community that feels like a village lost in time.

It is made up of a patchwork of connected streets forming a small village that is cozy and friendly. Every summer it comes to life when the cottages and streets are filled with families that have been vacationing here for for generations. When winter rolls in, the quiet of marsh and the sea descends over empty cottages and streets.

But now it’s August, the last hurrah of summer, so the streets, the beaches and the ice cream parlor are full. And this is the time when “Art in the Park” artists visit Ocean Park to paint summer memories. One of the best things about Ocean Park is that it is a traditional place. It doesn’t have the big anonymous estates or sea side mansions you find in Kennebunkport or Cape Elizabeth. It’s mostly small cottages or houses that are remnants of the faith based community that first settled here in the 1800s. It was once all seasonal cottages that are now slowly being converted into year round homes.

I count myself lucky to to be painting in Ocean Park during the peak of the summer. Actually I would be happy painting here at any time of the year!

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