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Painting in the Dark

Spring Moon Oil, 6×8. Available.

It doesn’t get dark at 4:30 pm anymore. Now that it’s warmer it gets dark at 8 pm. I went out the other night and painted the full moon as it was rising over my neighborhood. I like painting in the dark in warmer weather, the paint behaves nicely. You should try it, you might just like it! It’s nice painting outdoors at night with the melodic chorus of distant peepers floating on the evening breeze. It feels like a very hopeful new beginning. It really is Spring!

Promise yourself that you’re going to get outdoors to sketch and paint. It will be a gift to yourself. It has been raining a lot lately (April showers!) so you can paint in your car or dash out to sketch in between showers.

I fit the sketching and painting into my day after all my class prep work is done. My online classes are such a welcome break to this current isolation. It is fun to see, talk and paint with everyone.

The days have been a nonstop blur for me since mid-March when we all had to stop meeting in public places. I hustled to get my 3 weekly classes transformed into online classes. For my first online class I had only one day’s notice that our classroom was closed. It was a scramble to set up and figure out how the platform worked. I did it, and now we are in full swing!

I know some of you are working full time, but some of you have time available that you’ve never had before. If you do have open time I hope you are taking full advantage of this rare opportunity to do things that you’ve been wanting to do .

If you live far away and have always wanted to study with me now is the time! One of these new online classes just might be a good fit for you!

Stay healthy and happy!



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  1. Signed up for all three online classes and can’t wait!! Getting all the other not such fun but necessary done with the stay home order in effect -quarantined for another week we traveled towing boat from the keys north last week -very surreal and sobering
    Love looking at the beautiful paining on this site you are creating !!

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