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Painting in the Dark

The moon was full this past week…with perfect Indian summer weather to accompany it… 

…so of course I stayed out late almost every night painting.
Cottage Lights, 8×10 oil 

It was clear that these were the last days of warm weather for a long time.
Low Tide, 6×12 oil

Marcus and I headed over to Long Sands Beach in York, Maine.

 I parked on the edge of the beach and set up to paint.

The summer people are gone.

I painted a beach scene as I waited for the moon rise over the ocean.

 The colors were vivid and beautiful and changing every few minutes.

The sun was still in the western sky when the moon rose over the ocean.

Moonrise, 6×12 oil

The sky was a bright blue for a long time after sunset.

Large flocks of migrating birds are on the beaches now with the sea gulls.

The sky slowly darkened and the moon got brighter.

The sun sets so early now ! 

It was dark by 7:30 pm.

I wear this great head lamp when I’m painting at night. 
I can see my painting and my eyes adjust easily to the dark.

There were lights across the street from the beach but I didn’t notice them while I painted. 

My headlight is designed for cave exploring, so it is very bright. 

The tide was going out… the reflections on the water and sand were spectacular! 

I’m looking all around at night now…getting ideas for the next series of nocturnes.  With all these months of long nights coming up I’ll have plenty of time to paint in the dark !

4 thoughts on “Painting in the Dark

  1. Very nice. I love the last painting with the moon shining on the water and the reflection of lights.

  2. Thank you Lois ! It was a perfect evening.

  3. Thanks for sharing the whole evening. Great paintings stimulated from great scenes! Nicely captured. How fun.

  4. Thank you Candy ! Yes, I think it helps to see what the location is like before it gets too dark to see everything.

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