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Painting till Dark in Ogunquit

PAINTING 1Yesterday was gorgeous. I decided I was painting till dark in Ogunquit on the marsh. I went to the Footbridge Beach parking lot and set up as the sun was going down.

MARSH 1I wanted to paint  three small paintings of the marsh as it changed in the late light.

MARY PAINTING 6.1.14I painted marsh painting #1 in bright light. The sun was shinning fully in my face and across the grasses. It was golden and glorious.

MARSH SET UPMarsh painting #2 was painted after the sun was behind the trees so I was standing in their cast shadow.

MARSH PAINTING 2 editedAt this point I had a visitor,  a man who lives nearby and recognized me from last summer. People are really friendly and often say hello when they see me out painting.

MARSH 3 editedThe sun went down behind the horizon and my favorite time to paint began. I love the many stages of dusk until dark. The colors were amazing, subtle and steadily changing – I mixed them totally intuitively and it worked.

2 thoughts on “Painting till Dark in Ogunquit

  1. Love the ocher light in the sky!

    1. Thank you Aimee !

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