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Salt, Surf & Fog

After a really long cold spring summer arrived in one day.  It got hot . Everything bloomed at once. The sky was clear and cloudless. At my house 8 miles in from the coast, the thermometer went up to 82.  It felt too hot!

I wanted to paint in a cool spot right on the open water so I headed over to the Nubble in York Beach, Maine. The Nubble is this huge chunk of rock on the northern end of Long Sands Beach.  On the very end of this peninsula is a picturesque light house.  It sits on top of another smaller chunk of rock. 

When I got to the coast I needed to put on every piece of extra clothing I had in my car.  It was a chilly 60 degrees on the water! I was happy.

My polar tech vest was zipped to my chin and I wished I had packed my wool scarf.

The warm air temperature from the land and the cold ocean air were manufacturing fog where they collided.  

Way off in the distance over the water we could see a huge fog bank . 

I did a quick sketch of the light house.
6×12 oil on canvas

The tide turned and started to come in.  As that happened the fog bank started coming ashore.  

Soon the light house was only a faint ghost of its former self. The fog horn started blowing. 

I turned and started painting the large waves crashing against the rocks below me. 

Big waves, 6×8 oil on panel

The wind picked up. The fog got thicker. It got really cold. 

The fog was so thick and wet it was coating everything, my eye glasses were useless.  I could see the painting better without them.  Fog dripped off the tailgate onto my head. 

It wasn’t even maximum high tide and the waves kept crashing in closer. A mixture of fog and salt spray filled the air. 

I put the last notes on my sketch. The moisture was dripping down the front of the easel on to my paints.
Time to clean up !

The wind was blowing harder and I was wishing I had a extra sweater to put on ! 

Even the tourists weren’t hanging out in this chilly damp blast,  we had the place almost to ourselves.

The surf was really beautiful as it washed over huge shelves of rock along the edge of the Nubble. 

The wind tore my hat off my head as I stowed my paint box and easel. 

  I know why I live in Maine close to the Atlantic Ocean. There is nothing else like it.  Mystery, mood, atmosphere, drama, huge forces of nature, and that constantly changing scene on the edge of the continent.
Fog, Surf & Granite. 8×10 oil on panel

4 thoughts on “Salt, Surf & Fog

  1. Really enjoy your photos Mary! Naomi and I were in the area a few months back, it sure is special! You must have a fair sized anchor for your easel.:)

  2. Thank you so much Steve ! I put the easel in near the car so if it got pushed it would just lean up against the car, I lucked out the wind didn’t get really bad until I was breaking down. Next time you are in my neighborhood let me know then we can hook up and go painting !

  3. What a beautiful day Mary! Thank you for sharing. Maine is so special…I lived there as a kid for a few years and it’s still lodged in my heart. Your work is just wonderful and says so much!

  4. Janette, thank you so much! Maine is so special, I’m so glad I live here…come visit sometime!

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