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Schoodic Point Granite

  Oils were the first thing I took outdoors when I headed out to paint.  I’ve painted with acrylics, pastels, colored pencils, watercolor pencils…and just about anything else that crosses my path. 
One thing I discovered was that after understanding the properties/limits of the behavior of a medium it isn’t difficult to work with it.  

With watercolor I find I can get it to look like something if I don’t get in my own way, don’t ever try to correct anything, think a bit before I put that color down, commit to it, do it and just leave it be.  If I don’t like it -I just do another one .  Its only a piece of paper.  

Hey, I know what I’m talking about I’ve sculpted marble and granite, that’s another story…

Schoodic Point , 8×8 watercolor on Rives BFK

2 thoughts on “Schoodic Point Granite

  1. you did great. I like your approach. Brush economy is something I try to do in my own work too. Did you like Rives BFK as a surface? I’ve wondered how it handles. I use Fabriano Artistico, but its so expensive.

  2. Thanks Tiffanny ! Rives is great and its not too expensive. Still Arches 300 lb. does more for the depth of the painting. The colors are richer, the layers show up. I think each surface offers something. I have to work harder to get an interesting painting with the cheaper papers. I can’t rely on “happy accidents” to make the watercolor more ‘happening’…then its more like painting with oils. Every mark is one you made, the materials didn’t do anything to help you out after you put the paint on the surface…nothing moves around like it does with watercolor when working wet on wet – mixing colors directly on the paper.

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