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Sketching & Painting the Landscape

How it all began….in 2004 a good friend suggested we go outdoors and paint the landscape. She had read a book a water colorist had published of plein air landscape paintings and it looked like fun. We were both experienced artists in a variety of mediums so it looked really interesting and easy. We researched materials and tools, (there were not many to choose from) picked what looked good and set out.
This was the beginning of a wild, fun, amazing journey that is still continuing.

First of all it really helped that we didn’t know anything about plein air painting. We couldn’t find anyone we knew who did and could give us advice… that was 2004.

Now its the summer of 2019 and my students have asked me to write down everything I’ve learned along the way. I’m starting with the tools and materials . The funny thing is I know I’ve painted and sketched a lot but I don’t really have any markers along the trail that show me how far I’ve come or what I’ve learned until I show it to someone else. Then I see where I’ve traveled and what I’ve learned.

Last week one of my students said, “What you just said sounded to me like a different language, I don’t even know the meaning of what you said”. Another one said “Can you write this down?” You say so much that is important and I can’t remember all of it.”

So I’m doing just that. I’m writing it all down. Its more than I thought, so it may take a little bit of time to get it organized and into a simple, legible format. I’m starting the organization of the information this week and when it’s all done I’ll put it into a nice package so you all can read it.

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