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Snow, Salt & Canadian Geese

The sun was warm on the piles of snow across the Piscataqua River from Portmouth, NH.
I headed out to my old neighborhood in Kittery,ME for some snow and water views. 

 Darlene Furbush Ouellett and Todd Bonita were meeting me today.

This is a perfect quiet back street location right in town that is on the river.  

Looking north west we could see the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge.

A flock of Canadian geese are settled in here on this bit of marsh for the winter. They think this is Florida !

I scoped out the options and decided on a water view for my painting.

It was warm (35) compared to last week but still cold enough to need pliers to get some of the paint tubes open.

I did a sketch of a finger of water reaching into the marsh. I really like sketching in charcoal.

A second charcoal sketch is of a small peninsula across the inlet from me.

 Darlene set up her paints…

I laid in the design with Burnt Sienna on my panel.  I set up behind my car out of the wind that was coming down the river. 

Darlene set up behind Todd’s car and Todd parked himself out in the open.

I’m putting in the first color notes…

Darlene working fast as the light changes.

I’m adding more color, starting to shape the scene…

Todd painting with a determined stance… looks like he might be fencing with that brush.

I’m keeping my focus, more colors notes are added …

I was dealing with a tidal situation.  The low tide was the most interesting composition so I painted that in early and ignored the high tide…except for the interesting ice chunks it was sending my way…   

Getting close to calling it a wrap… the light was going and the temps were falling…

Its amazing how noticeably colder it gets on a winter day as the sun get lower in the sky.  Of course the colors get really nice at this time so its a matter of knowing how to dress really well so you can stay and paint a little longer. 

2 thoughts on “Snow, Salt & Canadian Geese

  1. Thank you Philip ! I try to remember to stop painting and take a few pictures before I pack up and head home…

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