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Day 6 ~ 31 Paintings in 31 Days

Day 6 1.6.2020 Second Shift , oil 3×7, $100 Special price January only . Available.

No surprise that I was out painting after dark again! I love that it gets dark so early. Today was another day in the studio, this time testing paint. The day started sunny then changed to high clouds, then it started snowing!

I wanted to paint the sun glowing behind the thin clouds, but that disappeared fast and by the time I could take a pause to jump outside to paint, snow was softly falling. I decided to go back to work in the studio and finished everything at 5pm. It was the perfect time to see the lights all glowing in the falling snow. Yippee! I stepped out of my studio, set up my easel, looked across the street and painted a collection of light shapes and dark shapes. I didn’t even need my head lamp as the motion detector kept the floodlights in the driveway turned on.

I didn’t put on a jacket. I just put on my hat and stepped outside wearing my painting coat. Of course I got cold after I finished the painting, but I was fine the whole time I was painting. Talk about comfort ! The studio was toasty warm and a thermos of hot tea was waiting for me. Love the variety of subjects in this daily project. More tomorrow…

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Day 4 ~ 31 Paintings 31 Days

Day 4 1.4.2020 Across the Field, oil, 6×6 $185 Special January only. Available.

Today was a big work in the studio day. Sometimes I have to days like this with deadlines. Its a good thing! It was raining or misting off and on all day. No problem!

I carved out 20 painting minutes in my studio schedule and painted the view looking out the back window of my studio. This painting was painted with heat, snacks, drinks and electric lights in a very short amount of time. And I still had a pile of fun! More coming tomorrow…