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The Maine Coast

4 NOCTURNE 9The Maine coast is spectacular. It is dramatic and irregular, with fingers of land reaching out into the ocean. As you travel northward on it you not only have views to the east but gorgeous western views. You can see the sun rise and set over the ocean in Maine.  “Lingering Light”,oil,  5.5×5.5, Available @ A Pictures Worth, Exeter, NH.

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Wild water lilies on an Adirondack Pond

Wild water lilies floated across the surface of the beaver pond. I set up my easel on the top edge of the beaver dam with a perfect view of the mountains with the reflections of the dead snags and ridge behind them. So much to paint! It was almost overwhelming. The biggest problems I had were my panels were all too small for the grand vista and the sun was setting fast. I grabbed a 16×20 panel and started painting the pond surface.
You loose your light and shadows early here as there is always a mountain in the way. Its not like painting on the coast where sunsets linger forever. The mountains loom large and the shadows are deep.

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Clouds over Whiteface Mountain

In my Adirondack wanderings I found a small beaver pond up at the base of Whiteface Mountain. It was a perfect spot. There were 20 paintings in the scene. It was nuts, so many options and so little time! I did my best to try and focus on the clouds rolling over the mountain tops. It was spectacular. It was a perfect cloud day and reflection day. Who could ask for more? While I painted artist Patricia Bellerose painted me! Great day!

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Summer on the Lake

providence lakeNothing  quite compares to summer on the lake. I live on the southern coast of Maine right near the New Hampshire border and lakes region, tucked into the foothills of the White Mountains. It’s always  wonderful to spend time on one of these beautiful lakes rimmed with mountains.


The weather was so beautiful after the tea party in Parsonsfield that I drove over to Province Lake, a beautiful lake on the Maine/ New Hampshire border . I parked on a  beach and set up behind my car.  A perfect spot.

P LK Mary2The sky was filled with clouds racing across the mountain tops. I painted a view of the clouds and western hills with reflections of shinning light on the water.


It was fabulous. A gentle breeze moved across the water. It was one of those perfect summer days that you want to last forever.

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Big Sky Summer Paintings ~ Maine & New Hampshire

Summer Day

There is something dreamy about a summer sky. When I was little I used to lie down on open lawns and in country meadows to watch the sky. I was happy lying in the grass with the smell of wild flowers and songs of crickets all around me. The clouds would billow and break as they drifted above me. Summer was a long, lazy vacation of wandering and exploring nature. Do you see why I love painting skies?

I’m thinking these days about how I paint and what I paint.  I’m thinking about painting in a “flow state”. Its like diving into a river. More on this in my next post.

Summer Day”  14×18. oil. Available. $2,000. Information here

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Big Maine Paintings – Big Wind, Big Clouds


We are in the middle of classic spring weather here in Maine. Its cold, windy and it changes fast. Storms race through, drop rain and clear out fast. The cloud patterns are gorgeous ! The clouds blocking the sunlight create beautiful contrasting colors across the landscape. The wind can be wild on these days. Sometimes I have to take cover behind any structure I can find. Here is a start of one of my newest paintings. I set up my easel behind a barn on the edge of the marsh. At least in this location the easel didn’t fly into the air. It is so great to be out painting!

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Made in Maine ~ Windy Marsh

Windy Marsh DayWindy Marsh Clouds, 12×12 oil. $1,440.  Available

A fresh breeze was blowing from the west when I set up on the edge of the marsh to paint the trees and clouds. It was beautiful as the clouds raced overhead. I was sheltered from the wind in a perfect spot. The brilliant blue sky showed through holes in the clouds. Then the wind changed direction …I think it had to do with the high tide coming in.   A fabulous day!