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Ten Weeks of Color! Starts March 1st

Ten week Color class starts Tuesday, March 1st.  6-9 PM.  All levels welcome. Beginner through Advanced.  All Mediums ~ Oils, pastels, acrylics, watercolors – any medium that uses color.  A Small class for individual attention.
Color is mood, feeling, cold, warm, bright, dark, light, dim, weak, strong…it can mean a number of things and evoke many feelings… learn how to see and handle color. 

Learn about color relationships and how you can develop an eye for color.

Learn how to mix color.
Work with hue, chroma, and value….

…warms, cools, analogous and complimentary…

Gain an understanding of the strength of color gamuts.

Work with harmonious color.

Learn to mix clean colors and beautiful grays.

Vaughn Island Fog 
6×8, colored pencil, gray marker, watercolors on Rives BFK

10 Week Class   $295 

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