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The Gear for Sketching & Watercolors on the Run

Here is the bag I carry for sketching and watercolors when I am traveling and teaching.

It is made for plein air painting by Judsons and can be carried as a back pack, shoulder bag or hand bag. It has a flat compartment in the bottom that fits watercolor kits and carries them flat, not vertically so no wet paints run…
It is small yet fits every thing I need plus lunch, a water bottle and bug & sun spray

Here are some of the supplies I carry, custom sketchbook(Rives BFK), water bottle, pencils, markers, pens, paper towels, glass water jar, blue folding water bucket, Koi watercolor paint set. 

Derwent watercolor pencils, sponge, plastic watercolor mixing tray, pen, small watercolor sketchbook(125 lb.), black nylon paint brush holder. 

Homee watercolor palette, medium sketch book (90 lb), large sketch book (9×11, 90 lb.) watercolor set and palette. 

My mixing areas and water color set. Paints are Daniel Smith tubes.  I can carry extra tubes with me but for day trips don’t need to.

My pencil, pen, marker container with contents, brush holder with brushes and water bucket unfolded.

Derwent watercolor pencils (36) and sample of plein air sketches using them. 

The Sakura Koi set with water brush, additional water supply in bottle and sample of plein air sketch from this kit. 

This is the smallest kit I carry if I want to go really light and leave the bag behind. This is enough to do really great sketches and water colors on location !

Here is the bag repacked with the palettes sliding back underneath.   

Here I’m ready to go .  It probably weighs about 6-8 pounds.  The heaviest thing I am carrying in this is the water so I keep a gallon of water in my car incase I’m not in a place to find easy access to water.

2 thoughts on “The Gear for Sketching & Watercolors on the Run

  1. Neat kit! Taking all those great photos of equipment must have taken a while…

    Did Rives make the custom sketchbook for you or did you bind it yourself?

  2. Hi Hannah,
    Thanks. Pics only took a few minutes in my back garden. Easier to show than to describe! I made a bunch of them in different sizes. Here are the specifics a few blogs back…

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