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The Pine Kill in Early Winter

This is a design sketch of the Pine Kill where it flows past my friend’s house in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York. This area is old Dutch country so the rivers are all called “Kill” (a Dutch word) instead of river. It was shortly before sunset when I set up to paint. I was in a river valley with mountains all around me so I was running out of light fast. I decided to use water colors and do two different views of the river. This is a sketch I made in acrylics based on my plein air watercolor. I wanted to isolate and simplify the deign stem in the composition. Photo: Mary Byrom

We took a quick trip to the Catskill region of New York last week. It was one of those trips that happened at the last minute. The weather looked fine, no snow storms were predicted and we had a few days open in our busy holiday schedule. On Monday we emailed our friends to see if they were home.  With a quick confirmation from them the coast was clear, so we packed the car and headed south west.

When we left Maine the sun was breaking through clouds here along the coast.  As we drove across Massachusetts the clouds became thicker. By the time we entered the mountains in western Connecticut it was foggy and raining heavily. The rain eventually stopped over night but the clouds hung around for the next three days with bits of sunshine poking through every now and then.  It felt like the mountains were holding on to the clouds.

I’ve been painting on the coast for most of the past year. I had so many commitments here that there hasn’t been time for painting trips inland !  I was hoping to paint in the Berkshires and farther up the coast of Maine in the fall but I just didn’t have enough free days for a trip.

It was great to see what late fall/early winter  looked like in the Berkshires, along the Hudson and in the Catskills. The colors and the light there are so different from what we see here on the coast. The Atlantic Ocean to the east of us has a big impact on the way colors and light look here in coastal Maine.
For the duration of our short trip the skies over the mountains in NY state were filled with dramatic clouds. The hillsides and mountains are covered with hard woods and there are very few pine trees.   At this time of year with the leaves off the trees there are many subtle grays and moody colors that catch the light and change tone as the sun moves. I was struck by the pink, burgundy colors of the bare branches at certain times of day.

A color sketch of the Pine Kill. Acrylic. Photo: Mary Byrom

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