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Watercolors & Sketching in Cape Porpoise

Cape Porpoise is a tiny harbor with an active fleet of working boats. Its in my neighborhood so I go up there a lot to paint boats and anything else that catches my eye.
I decided this year to spend some time painting boats and harbors.  I’m living in the middle of them so its good to take advantage of this great scenery.

Emile Gruppe in his book “Gruppe on Painting” writes its difficult to do good harbor compositions so I’d like to get good at it. Watercolor, 6×9, on 90 lb. paper.

Another watercolor sketch, 6×9 done with my water brush and Koi half pan set on 90 lb. 

There are some good spots to set up near the harbor , but parking is at a premium , no space on the skinny two lane road on the peninsula.

Here’s a sketch of lobster boats and some of the small islands that are scattered around. I like doing these water color sketches as it gives me a chance to try out a variety of things do it super fast, then go on to the next one. Its about looking and seeing, drawing, then seeing more each time you look.   6×9, watercolor on 90 lb. paper.  

Here is a favorite spot looking east toward the harbor and the channel. Only about 2 cars can fit in the parking area that is on rocks at the high tide mark on the clam flats. 

These are a couple of lobster houses from across the harbor’s deep water channel.  When the tide goes out the mud flats stretch in all directions. 7×10, watercolor on 90 lb. paper.

This is the view from the town wharf looking back up at the village of Cape Porpoise.  

 6×9, watercolor on 90 lb. paper.

I often stay there till dark, sketching and painting as the sunsets can be quite dramatic across the water from the town wharf. Lucky me, no accident that I live in Maine!

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  1. Mary, I saw on Stapelton’s blog that you asked about books with armatures in them. Edgar Payne’s ‘Composition of Outdoor Painting’, and ‘Mastering Composition’ by Ian Roberts both have chapters on armatures. I decided to comment here rather than on Stape’s blog because that post was from a couple days ago and I didn’t know if you would see it.
    Debra Norton
    (I don’t have a blog, but I thought you might be interested in looking at my website.)

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