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Why do I like Painting at Night?

Blue Hill Overlook, Cadillac Mountain, 6×6, oil

This week I started thinking about why I like painting at night. As it gets dark earlier every day I find myself looking at scenes as the lights come on in the streets and buildings.  Often these scenes are something I find boring in daylight. When it gets dark the scene changes dramatically.  As the western light dims in the sky and the forms in the landscape get muted and mysterious, I become curious and interested. I find myself looking into dim, barely lit areas trying to figure out what I am really looking at.  When I’m out in the country away from towns or villages and night is coming on I think about the landscape and what it looked like before there were electric lights. As a child, my family spent Memorial Day at an old home out in the country that did not have electricity or running water. As children we loved the adventure of being there, fetching our water from the well, using oil lamps and flash lights at night and worrying about bears when going to use the out house in the dark.   Years later I lived in a big old house that still had the original fixtures for gas lights. It made me think of the people who lived there before me, how this was the light source for them.  For me there is some kind of connection to history after the sun sets and evening descends.  There are elements of mystery, history and the present that all swirl and coalesce.  And this is what I want to paint.

Here is a short clip of me setting up and painting as it gets dark.

Painting on a showery day in the Adirondack Mountains.

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