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Why Painting Outdoors Makes You A Better Artist

Plein air water color sketches 6x8" in my sketchbooks
Plein air.  A view of my sketch book, water color sketches.

Painting outdoors has huge benefits. It is not only awesome and loads of fun , but in the end you actually are better painter, not mention a happy one too. I’m not kidding, it’s incredible! Being outdoors makes you feel great and after you have painted in every type of weather and light condition known to man you discover that after the dust settles you actually have some decent paintings to look at. Don’t just take my word for it. There are piles of studies that show the benefits of being out side.

From 2010 to 2015 I painted outdoors almost exclusively. Every day I headed out to paint under the open sky.  I think this was the most important thing that guided and developed my work. By painting consistently outdoors I developed my ability to see and increased my skills.  So…because I love painting outdoors… I started The Brush & Sketch Club.

What is the Brush & Sketch Club?

The Brush & Sketch Club is an ongoing plein air class practiced in a wide variety of mediums. Each class session lasts 3 hours. We meet at a different location for each class.  Student may work in any medium wet or dry, painting or sketching, with a plein air easel and paint kit or with just a sketchbook,  some pencils or markers, some watercolors and a folding chair.

How does the club  work?

It works like your favorite yoga class. You can purchase a block of 5 classes ($180) and use them on any day a class session is scheduled.  Or if you just feel like trying out a class or being spontaneous and dropping in at the last minute you can pay for a single class.($45)

When does the club meet?

Summer session is posted on my website .  Most class sessions in June & July are on Mondays and Wednesdays, 3-6pm. With a few evenings sprinkled through out the summer.  So we can capture those beautiful night lights!  View Calendar here.

It will put a smile on your face.  Not to mention how you will feel after a day of painting in nature, when you tuck in to a dinner of  lobster, corn on the cob and blueberry pie at the end of a perfect day painting in Maine.

Questions? Contact me at:

Sign up for classes here.

Sign up for mini- workshops here.

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