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Winter Solstice, Winter Light

This is a new piece in my “rough seas” series.  I changed the palette for this series and this one is larger than my haiku series. I wanted to create a few bigger ones to see if I liked them as much as the small ones. This series is all about the energy and power of the ocean with a front row view of the crashing waves. Sweeping In,  4×9, Acrylic Available. Photo: Mary Byrom


Happy holidays everyone! Whew, the end of the year holiday season is upon us – where did last year go? It feels like every year just keeps picking up speed and zipping right by! I did manage to slow it down in a few spots last year and take advantage of some uninterrupted plein air painting time, so that was good thing. I’m going to be scheduling in quiet painting time as a part of my winter practice. I will paint outside for 100 days with no time limit.  Some days it might be for 20 min and others it will be a few hours. From my experience I know that by just aiming at a target, I will hit more often than not.

With that in mind, this week after a busy day finishing paintings from this summer, I placed some small panels on my easel and quickly painted two views from my studio as evening was moving in.  I really like that it is getting dark so early. I like painting dusk and all the stages of evening. It is one of my favorite times to paint. I prefer it over a sunny day. It is the mood that I like. If I could paint exactly what I wanted to all the time it would be the afternoon and evening hours. There is a certain feeling to that time of day that is perfect for me. It feels like history. Mornings feel like the future to me.  Anything is possible. Afternoons and later feel like remembrance. And there is a mood to memory that is less distinct, more misty than clear morning light. Ultimately, mood is what is important to me when I paint.

The sun was below the horizon and the sky was a pale green color. The snow was reflecting the color of the sky from directly overhead – a deep evening blue. The houses and out buildings across the field were still visible and the lights were appearing in the houses. Across the Field. 5×7. Acrylic. Available. Photo: Mary Byrom

By the time I finished the first painting the sky was getting really dark and I couldn’t see the shapes of the houses across the way through the thicket of trees. I could see the distant tree line and the snow filled field behind my house and a few lights here and there. I really liked the mysterious feeling of the lights and the pathways of snow through the grass and bushes to the edge of the trees.

The Neighbors Lights , 5×7 Acrylic. Available.  Photo: Mary Byrom

PRINTS AVAILABLE … I will soon be releasing some of my paintings as prints ….

I am often contacted by fans and collectors who can not afford the original work so I am releasing a new collection to be reproduced into prints at an affordable price point.

I will post newly released paintings weekly in my blog and here in my newsletter.

If you wish to purchase prints of my paintings they are being posted on my page at Fine Art America. You can follow my page for notification of the release of new paintings into print.

A select collection is available now and more will be posted soon on a regular basis. I will be releasing small studies and reproductions of some of my larger paintings.


Class meets WEEKLY on Tuesdays 10am  – 1pm.
The 2017 session will be focused on drawing perspectives, developing design, finding your color “voice” and painting large landscapes from plein air studies.
Register for 6 week STUDIO CLASS here.

  1. If you are interested in joining the class at the beginning of the next new session in January 2017 and have questions, please contact me here. 



MY HOLIDAY POP UP IS BEING MOVED TO JANUARY.  Due to the inhospitable weather we just had my chosen date last weekend was obliterated by ice & snow. I wasn’t about to make any of you venture out in that weather.
So I will be hosting a demo, artists talk and pop up sale in the quiet, beautiful time of the year – January !
I will have small paintings from my haiku series and selected plein air landscapes available for purchase at unbelievable price points! If you are looking for paintings of the seacoast region – you will find them here.
This will be a fun & wild pop up happening!
If you love tiny paintings, adventure, unusual locations and hot chocolate this event is for you.
If you would like to receive the date, location and time of this festive event please click here! 
This event is by invitation only. Get your invite here ! 



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